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Zithromax without prescription, Maybe I’m getting old, but watching the protests in Iran sends me back. I've been thinking a lot about another explosion of protest in the face of a tyrannical government (and I see that I’m not alone in seeing the similarities).

It was 1989, Order zithromax online, and history seemed to be calling from Tiananmen Square. From our observation deck on the other side of the planet, many of us thought we could hear the world changing -- the sounds of a new China being born.

We were wrong, köpa rabatterade zithromax, of course. What we were actually hearing was the sound of the tanks rolling in. 

The Chinese government’s crackdown, unleashed in early June, found me in of all places a casino in Las Vegas, zithromax without prescription. What had started as a business trip, Buy zithromax online cheap, a deposition in Los Angeles, had metamorphosed into a mini-vacation. My connecting flight home was through Vegas: single and footloose if not fancy-free in those days, I figured why not stay for a couple of days and score a small fortune at the craps table, billige zithromax Apotheke.

Dumb idea. I hated doing Vegas alone. Zithromax without prescription, With no one to run with, the glitz quickly turned pale. Um zithromax online, It didn’t help, of course, that the tables were running colder than a Minnesota nudist camp in February. Almost instantaneously I dropped the full $17.34 (give or take) I‘d set aside for gambling, Kjøp Discount zithromax, leaving me with little to do but wander the Strip morosely.

Then the tanks rolled inside China -- and suddenly I was spending my Vegas “getaway” glued to a hotel television, Cheap zithromax online legally, my petty grievances consigned to the dustbin. It would be hard for me to describe how much the atrocities that followed affected me, or for that matter why they affected me as much as they did. It was, after all, hardly a new transaction, zithromax without prescription. For the 10, Missouri MO Mo. ,000th time in human history, humanity’s natural yearning for freedom (be it a yearning that often competes with other less noble impulses) was being crushed, Rhode Island RI R.I. , at least for the moment, by brute force.

Yet what stood out was the yearning itself and the courage it inspired -- that unforgettable image of the lone man standing in front of the advancing tanks.

I guess I was a sucker for that sort of thing back then, cheap zithromax from canada.

So I wonder, which will win out this time in Iran, New York NY N.Y. , the yearning of much (though far from all) of the population for at least somewhat more personal and political freedom or the raw power that opposes it -- the dream or the stick. Zithromax without prescription, Are we hearing the beginning of an earthquake of change, or just the rumbling of the crackdown to come.

Come what may, the eventual outcome is likely to disappoint Western eyes. The Mullahs remain extraordinarily powerful, acheter zithromax bon marché, and the current protests aren’t directly attacking that power (although such things can sometimes take on a life of their own). And let’s face facts: Mir Mirhossein Mousavi is no Thomas Jefferson. Buy zithromax overnight delivery, The real question, of course, is whether we’re seeing the seeds of something bigger -- something that will grow in the years ahead.

That was the solace I found all those years ago, in Las Vegas, while thinking about the idealistic young people being crushed in China, zithromax without prescription. It seemed to me that there was one certainty in what was happening, billiga zithromax apotek, and it was that someday a monument would be built in Tiananmen Square honoring the memory of the protesters. The future, Ordering zithromax overnight delivery, I believed, must surely belong to the yearnings.

It’s been 20-years and that day still seems far away in China. But I still believe.

And, yes, assuming the United States doesn’t stupidly play into the theocrats hands by bombing, I also believe that greater freedom lays ahead for the people of Iran, though the form it takes will meet their conception of freedom and not necessarily ours.

I guess I’m still a sucker for that sort of thing, even after all these years.

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8 Responses to “Zithromax Without Prescription”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Not to belabor the point about Obama/Bush lite, (o.k. I am belaboring it,) read the 6/22 “The New Yorker” aticle by Jane Mayer.

  2. richl Says:

    The protesters in Tiananmen square were slapped down as hard as they were because the freedom movement got to big to fast and spooked the oldtimers. China today is a much freer country than it was then. It does have a ways to go yet but it should be kept in mind that if the country stays as it is (border wise) that Chinese freedom will not be the same as a westerners concept of freedom nor will it be as extensive simply because the size and population does not allow such freedoms to exist to the extent the can in smaller countries. As an aside I would say it seems to me the people in the countryside have nearly as much freedom as we do. The closer you get to a city the more circumscribed those freedoms become (just like here). I think you’re right to be optimistic though. No matter what it is called we’re simply watching another dynastic change in China and traditionally those changes seem to have taken 50 to 100 years to shake down to some sort of equilibrium.

    As far as Iran, and the mid-east in general is concerned though flip a coin on which way it will go. I’ll almost guarantee you though that as long as the west and particular the U.S. keeps sticking it’s nose in where it doesn’t belong (Remember when the U.S. put the Shah of Iran back on the throne?) the radicals will get stronger and the freedoms less.

  3. concerned Says:

    It strikes me as, well, ironic that we talk about Iran in such terms as China’s Tinnamen Square, and we fail to mention that today is the anniversary of Watergate. We did something about that little incident, where were we in regard to the 2000 election, or torture or Iraq or Plame, or…ad nauseum. The Ukraine rose up to support their vote, and we couldn’t? Just sayin’…

  4. Larkrise Says:

    Is there going to be anymore action on this blog?

    From Steve: Yes, we’ll be back in action soon, but probably not until next week. I’ll address the reasons for the dead time then: but there’s nothing terribly dramatic going on.

  5. alwayshope Says:

    Wow, it’s getting really dusty around here. Is the beer still cold?

    I dont’ know if anyone is still checking in but I thought I’d share a poem I just sent to my representative Joe Donnelly, a blue dog. I hope he enjoys it.

    Blue Dogs

    Blue dogs have no loyalty, unless you are well-heeled.
    Their faithfulness to lobbyists revealed
    Blues dogs fetch their corporate bribes
    And bark their parroted diatribes

    Blue dogs love fiscal discipline
    Will sell their vote for an electoral win
    Unless it’s weapons obsolete
    Then they lay down at lobbyists feet

    Blue dogs know how to sit up and beg
    But constituents run when they raise their leg
    They never strain against their leash and collar
    Love their master’s voice and the almighty dollar

    Blue dogs are easy to house-break and train
    They pant and slobber and howl in refrain
    Always sniffing around for table scraps
    These dogs don’t hunt, they just sit on laps

    So if you’re wondering like I often do
    What good is a blue dog for me and you?
    The answer is simple, they’re more like a blue rat
    Take my advice and get a cat.

  6. alwayshope Says:

    I’ve added two more verses. Anyone else want to add one?

    Blue dogs have healthcare, the best we can buy
    But if we get sick, they don’t care if we die
    Be very careful, watch yourself, please
    Lay down with blue dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas

    When the GOP speaks, blue dogs roll over
    They answer to Fido or King or just Rover
    When constituents call, they will play dead
    They answer to no one unless they get fed.

  7. Chuck Says:

    GOLLY GEE! Steve, you sure have long weeks. I’m glad I’m not payed by you on a weekly basis.

  8. alwayshope Says:

    Hello? Chuck, are you still here? Help me out will you? I’ll sweep the floor and you clear off those tables. Oh shit, look at this bottle of Bourbon, it’s so dusty I can barely read the label, Winston is gonna have a fit. It’s Wednesday and the Wise Men may stop by to see if anyone’s hanging around. Look at this place, the dart board is falling off the wall….where is Molly anyway? Chuck! Do you know where Molly is?
    Come on, man!
    When Steve gets back, he’s gonna think we’re a bunch of slobs……….oh wait….I am kind of a slob…..Hell, just wipe off a couple of stools and I’ll get us a six-pack. Oh good, it’s cold, at least Steve kept the lights on this month. Where the hell is he? Running from the law, maybe, or vacationing in the warm waters of the Artic or working OT to pay his Blue Cross bill or maybe he’s looking for his birth certificate?
    Oh yeah, hey, don’t worry about the dog, he followed me in here. All he does is lay under the table growling and scratching and licking himself, he doesn’t seem to know or care where his master is, he just follows whoever he thinks might feed him well. I named him Blue. I’m hoping he’ll take a liking to Bob and follow him home.
    Comfy? Me too. Here’s to …um….You’re buying, Chuck, I’ll let you make the toast.

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