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Pharmacy zithromax, Since depressing things often aren’t surprising, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Americans seem to be “cooling” to the issue of global warming. According to the fun loving folks at Gallup, economic fears related to the Great Recession are crowding out green consciousness. The number of global warming doubters is going up, zithromax pharmacy, while the number of Americans willing to sacrifice to save the planet is going down.

I guess there’s nothing like a little economic hardship to make people want to tell future generations to take a piss in the wind. Om zithromax online, “I’ve got rent to pay today, so screw your apocalypse tomorrow.”  

There’s really very little mystery in why it’s so hard to work up the political will to fight global warming: taking climate change seriously -- as in actually doing something about it -- requires long term thinking. And long term thinking just doesn’t seem to be what human beings are all about, pharmacy zithromax.

We can see it in our own lives. If swearing off the Big Macs and fries would save us from dying today, cheap zithromax, or maybe even tomorrow, it wouldn’t take a nanosecond for most of us the kiss the Golden Arches goodbye (although I know a few guys who might have to think about it for awhile). Köpa billiga zithromax, But, of course, absent botulism, choking or an extreme food allergy, zithromax online, one greasy burger isn’t likely to do in anyone. A lifetime of a Big Mac intensive diet, Ordering zithromax online, on the other hand, is, of course, a very real health risk, Louisiana LA . Pharmacy zithromax, Yet, somehow, the well proven danger of early death secondary to a high fat diet hasn’t cured the nation of its fast food addiction.

At least here in America, dietary judgment is very much an individual thing. Kansas KS Kans. , And in a libertarian sense, I suppose one could argue that’s okay: each of us gets to decide which is more important to us as individuals -- long life and good health or a steady stream of double beef burritos from Taco Bell (although given that we all share in the related healthcare costs it actually isn’t that clear cut).

The difficulty when we apply this sort of thinking to global warming, of course, zithromax pills, is that each individual can only do so much: effectively responding will require a societal commitment in the United States (together with the rest of the world). In other words, Michigan MI Mich. , we have to get our entire society, together with most other societies in the world, to agree to make the necessary sacrifices.

And what makes this an even more daunting challenge is that the normal rules of majority based democracy don’t apply here, pharmacy zithromax. Effective long term action on global warming can’t be based upon 51%-to-49% type support in the electorate -- and I’m not saying this because of the filibuster in the Senate, Missouri MO Mo. . No, the real problem is the long time frame required to battle climate change. Nebraska NE Nebr. , It will take decades, which means that a short-term commitment simply won’t get the job done.

If the current (hopefully) pro-green majority in Congress were to pass a good climate change bill (as opposed to the current one) without broad and durable national support, when the other side takes power, discount zithromax, as they inevitably eventually will, they will simply vote it out again, Kaufen zithromax, or at least weaken it to the point of ineffectiveness. Pharmacy zithromax, This is not to say that the current Democratic majority should not move on strong climate change legislation -- it should. But only with a broad national consensus will any changes made stick over the long haul.

So that brings us to the question: Is the human race capable of saving itself.

And the answer has to be only if we are able to reach a broad based consensus to sacrifice today in order to prevent catastrophe tomorrow, buy zithromax no rx. And that makes me fear terribly for my children’s future: because, while we must all keep fighting, the truth is that I can see very little evidence that we’re up to the job.

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2 Responses to “Pharmacy Zithromax”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    Billions of people use magical thinking or denial. They want the easy answer without sacrifice or difficulty. They will inevitably follow the path of least resistance; and do what benefits them most at the moment. They have short attention spans; and are most interested in the flavor or fad of the day. Given a choice between learning about the foibles of cap and trade or Michael Jackson’s drug addiction, they will pick the latter. It is more entertaining. The dinosaurs ate and ate and ate because there was plenty of vegetation. They got bigger and bigger. When the climate changed and vegetation changed, they were unable to change with it. Bye, bye dinosaurs. This will be the fate of our species. We have big brains that millions of our species dont use effectively to analyze serious situations. The earth will rid itself of the virus in the long run. Bye, bye homosapiens.

  2. richl Says:

    I really don’t see anything changing the way we think and do things till some cataclysmic event occurs. Two Krakatoa’s at once, a combination of swine and avian flu propagating so quickly in so many variations that it wipes out two thirds of the world population or some such thing along those lines.

    Anything you and I do environment wise is simply spitting in the wind. Unless our children and grand children and great grandchildren are inculcate from the gitgo that less is more and needles variety is bad, nothing but nothing will save Gaia. Someone once estimated that a large percentage of the worlds population (10, 20, 30% ? don’t know can’t remember) would die if we ceased using modern agriculture methods. This says to me we have more population than the world can handle. Though science can do some really nifty stuff it cannot make over population and over consumption healthy for Gaia.

    I once speculated that the only way to create real change in the foreseeable future is to contract some high quality ad agencies to run an subtle yet unrelenting ad campaign to make conservation so cool that peer pressure alone would start doing the job. Levi’s ad’s sold very few blue jeans, what they did was get the ‘right’ people to purchase the jeans and peer pressure did the rest.

    Along with making ‘less is more’ a cool way to think we need to teach people to see through BS. A greener congress? Not hardly, they’ve simply wrapped the same trite old pork barrel products in a green label (psst hey buddy want a carbon chit cheap?). Do you see the output of big oil, vehicle makers, cellphone or computer manufactures (four of the major sources of contamination world wide) continuing to dwindle after the economy recovers? How about the reduced rainforest and ocean destruction we are currently seeing, do you see those reductions continuing once the economy once again starts to grow? Wind power, solar power? Again BS. They do seem to reduce some environmental destruction in a direct sort of way but think of all the needless gizmos they power. Those gizmos, becoming cheaper and more plentiful do to reduced labor and power costs, increase the amount of waste that increases the contamination in the forms or both materials and heat.

    Lastly if the coolness of reduction and conservation does not become a world wide meme those reduction and conservation efforts become of marginal value at best.

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