Buy Lipitor(Atorvastatin) From Canada

File this one under: you’ve got to be kidding. 

Buy lipitor(Atorvastatin) from canada, It turns out that Tommy Franks, the general who led the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, was paid $100,000 in exchange for endorsing a veterans charity that’s currently under investigation for allegedly ripping off donors. 

Hey, a man’s gotta eat, doesn’t he?

In fairness, there’s apparently nothing to indicate General Franks was aware of the charity’s alleged irregularities.  And he later disassociated himself from the organization.  He also wasn’t alone: retired Air Force Brig. Gen, North Carolina NC N.C. . Buy lipitor(Atorvastatin) online, Arthur "Chip" Diehl was also on the payroll, pulling down $5, acquistare online lipitor(Atorvastatin), Order lipitor(Atorvastatin) online legally, 000 a month for his endorsement.  Still, I can’t help but feel that there’s something sort of, halvalla lipitor(Atorvastatin) apteekki, Købe lipitor(Atorvastatin), well, revolting about this.  

I mean, Massachusetts MA Mass. , Pharmacie lipitor(Atorvastatin) bon marché, I know that in George W. Bush’s America greed is good, lipitor(Atorvastatin) without prescription, Ordering lipitor(Atorvastatin) online, and all that, but isn’t this a little beyond the pale?

Here’s a man who led brave soldiers into battle, order lipitor(Atorvastatin) no prescription, Ordering lipitor(Atorvastatin), some of whom were badly injured.  And now, instead of volunteering his time and good name to help raise money for their support, cheap lipitor(Atorvastatin) online legally, αγοράσετε lipitor(Atorvastatin), he cashes in to the tune of six figures?

Somehow I just can’t see John Wayne doing something like that in any of those old war movies. 

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5 Responses to “Buy Lipitor(Atorvastatin) From Canada”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Speaking about eating again,(..”a man’s got eat …) “Dr. John”, Maggie and all the kids are now living in the Puget sound area. They have a couple of acres where they have a vegetable garden and a cherry tree, and apple tree, and a pear tree, so the kids are learning where stuff comes from. There are also several small dairy farms, a small cattle farm, (too small to actually call it a ranch,) and several flower farms. The flower and vegetable farms have a lot of Hmong people working them or owning small bits of land themselves, so the kids are learning much about other cultures and languages. Maggie also has a nice flower garden of her own.

    P.S. The kids all call me “Mr. Chuck” I find the “Mr.” part a bit too formal, but they don’t seem to see it that way. Even Maggie has taken to calling me that.

  2. Chuck Says:

    I forgot to mention, Maggie smiles a lot now.

  3. Larkrise Says:

    Standards, values and ethics have reached an all-time low. The Buck is the Bottom Line for far too many people. Well, with a recession coming on, they may need to rethink their values or lack of them.

  4. richl Says:

    To my mind that kind of puts him in the Lindsay Lohan & Hilton sisters league. Nothing really wrong with being paid to party but…

  5. alwayshope Says:

    Ethics has nothing to do with anything anymore.
    Just one more word they robbed of meaning by defining it.

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