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Buy Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) no prescription, As much as I detested the presidency of George W. Bush, order Cipro(Ciprofloxacin), Nevada NV Nev. , if he had given a speech to be broadcast to schools, the possibility of pulling my kids out of class wouldn’t even have occurred to me, Jotta Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) verkossa. Order Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) overnight delivery, This is just so stupid. In fact, order Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) from canada, Buy Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) online, it’s so stupid it’s hard for me to avoid the conclusion that racism is at play here.

What exactly are these boobs so afraid of, acheter Cipro(Ciprofloxacin). Do they think that one speech about staying in school will turn their children into lifelong Democrats, buy Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) no prescription. Goedkope Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) apotheek, I remember when I was a kid, growing up in Wisconsin, cheapest Cipro(Ciprofloxacin), Ohio OH , my grade school class took a field trip to the state capital where we met the governor. I got to personally shake the guy’s hand, buy Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) without prescription, Oregon OR Ore. , which was sort of cool, to be honest, buy Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) online legally. Ordering Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) from canada, Of course, he was a Republican and we were Democrats, Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) online kopen. And my parents didn’t like him (politically) a whole lot. Buy Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) no prescription, Yet, for some strange reason, they didn’t pull me from the trip to protect me from this bad influence. I remember going home afterwards and telling Dad that he seemed like a good governor. Dad told me he didn’t feel that way, but it was up to me to form my own opinions.  

I guess that’s why I turned into a lifelong Republican. Oh wait . . .

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8 Responses to “Buy Cipro(Ciprofloxacin) No Prescription”

  1. richl Says:

    Perhaps it is a reaction to the president doing good (excepting in Afghanistan of course) so they hunt for any little ole thing to complain about?

    A P.S. In regards to my last post.

    The presidents talk covered my concerns with health care so I punched the send button on the pro letter.

  2. concerned Says:

    It pisses me off that having a president of the United States speak to the nation’s children, like JFK and Reagan have historically done before him, is met with aggression from certain factions of our country – call that the bigoted, prejudiced, sex offending, wife beating, Glenn Beck following, southern would be born again christians – to the point that he is accused of attempted socialist indoctrination, and WE go along with it like SHEEP. It further pisses me off THAT THIS NATION WILL STILL ALLOW THIS PREJUDICE TO DICTATE HOW WE THE PEOPLE DO BUSINESS. I’m appalled at my fellow citizens right about now. We fought this fight once and for all in the 60s. To allow this hatred to have any part of our schools is Wrong, EVIL, and against the INTENT of the Constitution of the United States. I hope everyone that reads this is ashamed, and tells their neighbor just how ashamed they are. Maybe if and when we finally stand up for something once again we will have healthcare for all and an end to premptive perpetual war. This is about prejudice pure and simple and WE ALL KNOW IT!

  3. Larkrise Says:

    The SUV-driving, Yuppie, Dan Burton-supporting asses in Carmel were on TV running their mouths about how inappropriate it was for Obama to speak to their spoiled, over-indulged, Abercrombie-wearing brats. OMG, give me a break!!! These kids are so self-absorbed, they wouldnt listen anyway. Their parents live wannabee lifestyles and throw parties for their teens with alcohol served from the family liquor cabinet or wine cellar. The toxicity of the Far Right grows more poisonous by the day. Their bigotry is utterly transparent. The Rethuglicants can sell hatemongering mayhem on the street corners; but scream liberal, commie, pinko indoctrination if the President wants to tell their kids to stay in school!!!They make me want to puke.

  4. marmstrong57 Says:

    Just remember, if they don’t let their kids think for themselves, there is more chance those kids will grow up just like them.

  5. alwayshope Says:

    I agree with you that it is maddening that we don’t face the racist underbelly of this over-exposed, hate-infected, deliberately induced fear-on-steroids anger. Suddenly, you’re a racist if you call someone with a mustached, swastika-wearing Obama sign a racist. Now, everyone’s a reverse racist, whatever the hell that is. We’ve gone insane. We have racism shoving it’s white hood right down our throats and we still pretend it will just go away, shrink way, once it gets a good sober look at itself. The racists aren’t going away AND they are using the president’s speech today to “indoctrinate” their children to their version of prejudice and hate.

    What can I say? As always, you tell it like it is, as only you can.

    I’m having computer problems grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    anyway, I’m going to try to send this.
    Good to see you all.

  6. hizzhoner Says:

    I just received an email from our local party chairman STEAMING over information he received that our local schools ,in Central Wisconsin, did NOT see the Presidents speech because the Superintendent and President of the School Board met over the weekend and decided it was “too controversial”.


    I thought we were beyond all that … I thought we had become somewhat civilized here….apparently not.


    It’s good to be back and see alwayshope and the others here…


  7. hizzhoner Says:


    I was raised in the south and “reverse racism” was always the excuse for excesses….The world was supposed to become a better place because of what took place in the 60’s….did we forget the lessons?


  8. alwayshope Says:

    The people who sacrificed so much in the 60’s deserve better than this.
    It is a shameful time in America. The long-term and short-term memory deficits in this country cause us so much more trouble than is necessary. The lessons of the past and all the blood and sweat spent learning them is swept away by hate speech and willful ignorance. Our voices get drowned out time and again by brats throwing tantrums to avoid doing what is good for them.
    If we must drag them, kicking and screaming into the new century, well… we’ve done it before, it won’t be easy but the adults in the room need to stand up and take charge.

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