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Order amoxicillin, Trying to pick the single most troubling aspect to our current toxic -- downright spooky, actually -- political environment is sort of like trying to pick the most obnoxious feature of Dick Cheney’s persona: there’s just way too much material out there to choose from. Still, if forced to pick the single scariest thing about today’s politics, Kopen goedkope amoxicillin, I’d probably bypass the usual suspects, such as right wing teabaggers and gutless Democrats.

No, at the end of the day, billig amoxicillin apotek, the scariest thing about our politics today has to be the state of the Republican Party itself.

This nation has just two major political parties. Amoxicillin cheap, That’s it -- no cornucopia of choices, just two. And all talk of third parties notwithstanding, it’s likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future, order amoxicillin. So it is a cause for some alarm that one of those two parties, the Republicans, köpa amoxicillin, seems to have lost all interest in serious governance. Republicans don’t even pretend anymore. Amoxicillin prescription, The modern GOP isn’t about policy. It’s about smash mouth politics, fear tactics and lies. Order amoxicillin, To take just one example, most informed people believe that global warming constitutes one of the greatest threats in human history. Do inside the Beltway Republicans disagree, order amoxicillin from canada. A few do. But most privately recognize the validity of the scientific consensus about climate change. Order amoxicillin online legally, More than a few publicly acknowledged the problem back when it was politically viable for a Republican to do so. Not so today, order amoxicillin. Today, Republican leaders think that the appropriate response to climate change is to make fun of Al Gore.

Saving the world, amoxicillin generic, you see, is no longer seen as good politics in the Republican Party. Om amoxicillin online, And to today’s Republicans that’s all that matters.

By the same token, you might think that given the fact this nation is facing its greatest economic challenge in over 60 years Republicans, as one of the nation’s two “great” political parties, amoxicillin online cheap, would look for serious solutions to the crisis (even if they are conservative solutions). Order amoxicillin, But once again, of course, no such luck. The GOP’s response to the current crisis has been little more than a repetition of worn out talking points. Acheter amoxicillin, And the same goes for health care, financial regulation and for just about everything else -- everything that is other than protecting a few super-wealthy families from have to pay a few dollars in estate taxes. Now there’s a policy they’re ready to fight for.

Republicans today simply have no interest in serious governance -- of actually trying to accomplish something for the nation, αγοράσετε amoxicillin. They want power, alright, order amoxicillin. They just have no particular interest in using that power to make the lives of the American people better.

And yet, Texas TX Tex., with people angry over the economy, the GOP looks ready to stage at least a temporary resurgence. So, we may be on the verge of putting into power (at least in Congress) a group of people who aren’t simply wrong in their judgment about what needs to be done to solve this country’s problems -- but who have little interest in even trying, buy amoxicillin without prescription.

And, yeah, Iowa IA, that’s damn scary.

Note to readers: Sorry about the absence of posts. I’m currently in a very long trial that has been sapping all of my time. I’ll try to do better..

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33 Responses to “Order Amoxicillin”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Welcome back Steve! I was afraid something bad happened to you or your loved ones.

  2. alwayshope Says:

    Republicans have a serious interest in preventing governance. The ruthless, soulless party of hell no always has a plan. They set about to dismantle the government, convince us that it should be run like a business by a CEO, then kill democracy and rule by fiat and force. They wanted Obama to win (although Hillary would have sufficed). The first AfricanAmerican man or the first woman elected would have the entire mess they created to deal with. The ship was sinking and they didn’t want to be in power during the chaotic scramble for suvival. They had lifeboats, reserved for the select few, woman and children be damned. Part 2 is, of course to LIE, rewrite history, scare everyone half to death and take back power, blaming Obama and the Democrats for their collossal failures. And why, in our Idiocracy would that not work? They are actually calling us terrorists now, openly and with glee and sickening malice. Their heroes write manifestos, defend torture and commit acts of domestic terrorism. They claim the flag and God as theirs exclusively and display none of the qualities that would make them patriotic or spiritual.
    Yes, these soulless bastards want us to give up in frustration, to admit our helplessness, to submit to rule by their Korrupt Korporate Kronies.
    The teabag people have no idea what is about to hit them. The government they have been trained to hate and reject will seem like a kindly grandfather after they are left to the tender mercies of Nurse Ratchet of the right.

  3. alwayshope Says:

    Glad to have you back, Steve. I hope your trial goes well for you.

    After that……I’ve been wondering what Winston and Horace and Zach would think about the level of politics now. Would Bob be armed and angry?
    I can’t remember gloomier times than these, and I don’t mean the tough economy and the wars. I mean what you were talking about, the loss of civility and all pretense of honor. I could use an episode full of fire and fight and friendship.

  4. Larkrise Says:

    I had imagined just what you indicated, Steve, that your profession was demanding your attention. Thank you for making a new discussion point. Again, if you want or need any help, please ask. It can be as simple as simply posting a headline. Anyway, your comments are right on target. The Republican Party has nothing of value to offer in its current state. Why, however, anyone with even a partially functioning brain would think the Republicans should regain power is beyond imagination! They had 8 years, much of it with total control, and have trashed the country. They have not come up with any new ideas. So, how is electing any of them going to help? The real problem in this country is a population that cannot or will not connect the dots. They want quick fixes. They want no sacrifices. They refuse to analyze, look at facts, or use rational thought processes . They simply want sound bites, flim flam and tomfoolery, all draped in magical thinking. No wonder demagogues and snake oil salesmen appeal to them. They shun reality like it was poison ivy. Entertainment is their god. It is their pap. They would rather be “entertained” than find logical solutions. Politicians count on it. The Media exploits it. And one morning the Sheeple will wake up to wreckage worse than the latest spate of earthquakes.

  5. Chuck Says:

    Apropos of nothing, I sure do miss Riverbend. I wonder if she’s using a different on-line name.

  6. concerned Says:

    Damn scary. And almost as bad, the Dems haven’t the berries to even say out loud what their constituency screams daily. Damn scary, indeed.

  7. Larkrise Says:

    One of my top complaints in life concerns So-Called Christians, who think they are holier-than-thou and become so rigid that they cause far more harm than good. It isnt just Evangelicals who suffer from the “Hotline to God” Syndrome. There are plenty of Catholics who get this bee in their bonnet. Stupid Stupak is one of them. Most of the Catholic Right to Life bunch are sincere in their beliefs, live decent lives, and love children. Okay. They believe what they believe. I respect them for that. What I dont respect nor admire is their determination to legislate their beliefs and force them down the throats of others who have opposite opinions. The American College of Bishops have become fanatics about legislating anti-abortion beliefs. They will sacrifice all other age-groups to stop abortion. They fully support Stupid Stupak in his 15 minutes of fame and his grandstanding callousness to derail health care reform. I dont like the Senate version of the bill. It stinks to high heaven. But, I have finally given in to the sentiment that it IS a beginning. (I have grave doubts about it getting any better.) Nevertheless, it will help 30 million people, whom Stupid Stupak doesnt give a rat’s ass about; and doesnt care if they die because they dont have insurance. He and The American College of Bishops have become their own vicious little Death Panel, deciding who is important, who deserves to live; and who can be cast aside to die. This is why I no longer attend Mass. I cannot be a hypocrite. I cant stand Ratzinger, wasnt a big fan of John Paul II and am weary of the American Bishops. The Pope is NOT infallible and is now embroiled in a scandal in Germany. That is what the nincompoops in Rome get for choosing a former member of the Nazi Youth. Plus, the institutional Church swept so many child abuse cases under the rug, the rug looks like Mt. Everest. It has cost them a bundle; and justly so. Then, this idiotic Stupid Stupak lived at that Cult Castle on C Street, with all the adulterers. As Michael Moore pointed out, where does this fool get off being holier-than-thou?! We will be debating this lousey health care bill for a long time. I sincerely hope it IS the beginning of true universal health care. Our current health care system is a train wreck. But, it really fries me when some jackass like Stupid Stupak tries to hide his grandstanding behind supposed piety, while harming millions of suffering Americans. He is playing God. That is a sin. And, Bart Stupid Stupak is a nasty, vile hypocrite.

  8. alwayshope Says:

    You’ve nailed it again, Larkrise.
    Vile, idiotic, grandstanding hypocrites.
    I’m so sick and tired of the nastiness, the racists, the teabagging, cold-hearted, name-calling bigots.

    And if hear “The American people don’t want this” one more time from KKKarl “the devil’s architect” Rove or The ManTan or Grin-as-you-lie Gillespie or George I-hate-the-the-unwashed-masses Will, my head will explode.

    Michael Moore’s letter to Stupak (”My Congressman has neither a uterus nor a brain”) was great!

    I hope this is the beginning of Universal Healthcare. I hope our country is truly NOT represented by the hatefilled corporatists and their willfully ignorant minions of dumbasses and racists.
    I hate it that there is no debate ot exchange of any kind anymore. There is only over the top rhetoric about Kamikazis and destroying America. These guys on the right have shown that they care nothing for Americans or America. I read that privately they are acknowledging that this may turn out to be so popular, so good for American workers that they will lose more seats. So, all along, they KNEW this would help working people and their kids, would help the elderly and disabled, would help businesses and would spur our economy and they opposed helping their country because they wanted to regain power. This from the “America First” crowd. How do they sleep at night or do they wander about all night sucking the lifeblood out of honest people of conscience?

  9. Larkrise Says:

    You certainly have that right, alwayshope, they do suck the lifeblood out of people of conscience. They are the “Me First” crowd, not the “America First” crowd. They care only about the wealthy, the Fat Cats, the big, greedy corporations and their own power and money. The Republican Party is so corrupt, they no longer have a conscience. Lies, misinformation and disinformation are their bread and butter. They could not possibly care less about the average wage-earner. Why any sane human being would vote for them is beyond my comprehension. The Rethugs had 8 years of almost total control; and did nothing but drive the country into the ground. How is electing them and their lust for Oligarchy going to make anything better?! They have already proven that their ideas are destructive and to the detriment of the majority of citizens.
    This bill is a beginning. It needs a lot of fine-tuning. I hope that happens. When the more realistic people see what it does for millions, they may stop being so hysterical about it and see the obvious advantages. There are very important aspects, like the public option, that are missing. Then, there is the insanity over women’s reproductive rights. The bill is FAR from perfect. But, again, it is a beginning. The cowardly, putrid Dems who didnt vote for it, should get NO money or help from the DNC for re-election. Nada, zero, diddly squat! They had plenty of opportunity to put their 2 cents in on it. The Dems have no party discipline. One thing you have to say about the Rethugs, they stick together like glue, toxic glue, but glue. The ultra-Progressive groups are going to run Independent candidates, if possible. I rather like the idea. Who knows, it may catch fire. I am going to do like you, and write in John Mellencamp. Until we throw all the bums out, they will not change their wicked ways. Voters Unite! I like Andre Carson, though. He has a safe seat and can vote progressively without retaliation. Can you imagine? Some sicko, right-wingers screamed racial epithets at him as he went in to vote on the bill. These people are deranged and dangerous. Ship ‘em all down to Texas and let them secede. I would like to be rid of them. Don’t give them any “foreign” aid, either. They will soon enough shoot each other, since they have no decency anyway. May KKKarl Rove join them and stay put.
    The next big brouhaha will be banking reform. If these crooked banks dont start lending to small businesses, there will be no economic recovery. I hope all of the trouble he has had with healthcare reform has taught Obama a hard lesson. The vote was a squeaker. You cant be bipartisan if the other party wont cooperate in any way. Watch them try to destroy what little has been accomplished.

  10. alwayshope Says:

    I just watched Meredith Vieira interview Michael Steele and my head exploded. She let him say “the America People don’t want this” 5 times and never questioned that ridiculous statement. My God, if the America people didn’t want this, John McCain would be president.
    Why do they get away with this outrageous lie? I am an American person and I wrote letters and made phone calls every damn day in support of this and I am far from alone. They talk about “the american people” as though we are one block of solid red republicans! Yeah, that’s why the Dems control the White House and both houses of congress……because we are all opposed to the Dems and their progressive ideas. This farcical phrase has been repeated so many times it’s as though they are trying to hypnotize us ….
    the american people don’t want this…………you are getting very sleepy………
    now walk around and cluck like a chicken.

    My head hurts.

  11. alwayshope Says:

    Now this guy really put some hard work and time into this article. Check it out.


  12. alwayshope Says:

    Still don’t know what I said that was so spammy so I’ll just put a link to the article I was talking about, R’s making TV ads for November in the Senate.


  13. alwayshope Says:

    It’s Wednesday Night.
    I wonder what Winston and the gang are up to.

  14. Larkrise Says:

    Michael Steele had his brains stolen a long time ago. He is so scared of offending Rush Limbaugh, he has yet to recover them. The majority of Americans voted for change. The Republicans had EIGHT very long years to do pretty much as they wished. For most of those EIGHT very long years, they had almost total control of the White House, Congress, and a Right Wing Supreme Court. When they no longer had a majority in Congress, they still had the Yin Yang on the Democrats, who dared not defy them. In those EIGHT very long years, they doubled the National Debt, made deficit spending a way of life, started two wars costing trillions, made the economic disparity between the very wealthy and the middle class even greater, trashed the environment, trashed worker safety, let corporations run wild and Wall Street run even wilder, brought us 911, let Katrina kill close to 2,000 Americans and nearly destroy a major American city, ignored 45 million citizens without healthcare, and brought us a near-depression. When you look closely at their supporters, you see racists, hatemongers, fanatics, gunslingers, militiamen, idiots and reactionaries. These are goaded on by elected Rethuglican officials, the corporate-owned media, and the very wealthy, like Richard Mellon Scaife and Rupert Murdoch. It is not an appetizing picture. Independents, who dislike Democrats, have some justification for it. However, if they stop being hysterical, they should be able to see that the GOP is much worse and terribly destructive. They have brought us to the abyss. If they regain control, we will surely go hurtling into the darkness. The current crop of ideologues, who control the Rethuglican Party, are extremely toxic. This is not fearmongering on my part. The proof is in the pudding. Why does anyone in control of their faculties, think that fanatics, who thrive on threats and hate, will make our country better?! Sarah Palin is their poster girl, and she uses gunslinging terminology and crosshairs with no remorse nor shame. She is typical of the GOP today. Michael Steele merely reflects the extremism of his party. They are closer to being like the KKK than to a mainstream American political party.

  15. alwayshope Says:

    I can’t even fathom where these hateful, irate amnesiacs are coming from.
    Who wants their neighbor to lose his home if he or a loved one falls ill?
    Who wants more war, more bombs, more death penalty, more people struggling and living without the peace of mind a little common sense, social conscience and compassion counld bring? I saw a sign posted on line, someone had nailed it to a tree in their yard. It said Obama is the Anti-Chist.
    They couldn’t even spell Christ? Who are these self-righteous morons and why do they proudly display idiotic misspelled messages of hate? There is no pretense anymore, no shame is felt by these racists, these armed racists.
    One of these mobs is going to do more than spit and scream one day, they have a capacity and a desire for violence……all they need is a scapegoat.
    The GOP will be forced to disavow them, publicly anyway, when they go too far………but what is too far? Does someone have to be literally in the crosshairs before Palin and the other inciters stop egging on the crazies?
    Or are they so emboldened by their freedom to hate openly and threaten brazenly that they’ll never be forced back under their hoods and robes?
    The Republican Party should pay for this unhinged monster they have created and turned loose to terrorize us. The language they use, the absurdity of their lies….it’s beyond my capacity to understand.

  16. Larkrise Says:

    Newt Gingrich had stirred up the crazies and spewed a great deal of venom during the Clinton Adm. before he got the boot. The fall-out from his extreme rhetoric was the Oklahoma City bombing, that killed children in a daycare center, not to mention the adults. The same atmosphere is once again being promoted, only it is even worse. The Southern Poverty Law Center is reporting an enormous uptick in hate groups, militias and threats of violence. We are going to have another national tragedy from all of this hatemongering and promotion of violent actions. Sarah Palin, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner will have blood on their hands. The Republican Party has become the lunatic fringe. Their behavior is irresponsible, inexcusable and dangerous. They show no signs of letting up. It is one thing to have idiots like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck fomenting violence and hate. But elected officials?!!! Read Paul Krugman’s column. He discusses the dangerous aspects of this very unfortunate turn in American politics. It will lead to tragic and terrible consequences, mark my words.

    And, what do you think of Mitch Daniels signing that insane bill allowing people to carry loaded weapons, locked up in their car, to their workplace parking lots?!!! It makes no sense at all. First, if someone wants to waylay you in the parking lot, they are not going to wait until you unlock your car and get in. They are going to crack you over the head or point a gun at you(purchased at a Gun Show), before you reach for the car door handle. Secondly, we have not had a huge workplace massacre in Indiana; but this stupid, ill-considered bill encourages it. Some disturbed person will be fired or reprimanded at work, feel enraged and humiliated, and go out to their car and snatch up their readily available weapon, storm in and shoot a bunch of folks. They will be so worked up, the consequences wont be considered. They will be seeking vengeance and retribution. I thought Daniels was a fairly sensible man. But, obviously, he is joined at the hip with the NRA. I wrote to him about allowing handguns in State Parks. I am very opposed to that, as well. I shouldnt have to be afraid to enjoy the beauty of the park and need to worry about seeking cover from gunfire. The NRA must have been a major contributor to his campaigns. This workplace bill is much worse. The workplace can be a hotbed of resentment, especially in these troubled economic times. The Constitution refers to militias. Since when did every individual crackpot, criminal and lunatic fringe fanatic become a militia? Of course, the current Far Right Supreme Court will allow anything the NRA wants, and then some. I am severely disappointed in Daniels. He will be another Republican to have blood on his hands. It is just a matter of time.

  17. Larkrise Says:

    Frank Rich has written an excellent column in the NYT about the underlying white-hot (excuse the pun) anger and racism underlying the current round of violent rhetoric and threats of violence. Gene Robinson has also written a good column about it; and points to the insanity and viciousness of Sarah Palin. She seemingly cannot wait until a national tragedy occurs. Like the jerks and creeps in Texas taverns did after the Kennedy assassination, the wretched woman would probably stand up and cheer, should a tragedy occur. She evidently wants a Democrat to be in the real crosshairs of a fanatic gunslinger. She certainly keeps on using guntoting terminology. Her irresponsibility knows no bounds. Should there be another Oklahoma City type of bombing, has she ever stopped to think how this would impact the GOP? It is apparent that the extremists believe violence is just the answer to all of their frustrations over losing complete power. They never once stop to analyze their 8 years of mismanagement and destruction. But, violence will simply tarnish them even further, causing middle America to reject them and view them with horror,condemnation and disrespect. The current crop of GOP fanatics cannot see the forest for the trees. They play obsessively to their base of extremists, racists, and hatemongers, forgetting that the majority that voted for Barack Obama were independents and people demanding change. Politically, it is with some Schadenfreude that I watch them hurtling down the road to perdition. Still, it is not good for our country; and portends an outcome none of us should ever want.

  18. alwayshope Says:

    This article also warns of the danger of Coulter and other rabid idiots of the right. Worth a read.


  19. Larkrise Says:

    Thanks for the link, alwayshope. When I read those quotes from Coulter, Limbaugh and Beck, I marvel at how deeply distrubed people can become famous and wealthy by spreading their disease! Rupert Murdoch is the modern Streicher. I genuinely believe the man is a monster. His greed and viciousness extend far and wide. He relishes showcasing the lunatic fringe, extremists and hatemongers. The only aspect that is more disturbing, is that there is a large audience for this kind of sickness. The more it is pushed upon the public, the more they become accustomed to it and see it as normal. It isn’t; and the article shows the horrible outcome when hatemongering is promoted and supported or excused. We must continue to speak out against it. It is a virus that has spread too far.

  20. Chuck Says:

    I know it’s unusual for me, but I’m going to go off message for a moment. Here in the Puget Sound region There are many acres of shipping containers sitting and rusting. It seems that it wouldn’t take much to make them habitable for all those Haitians still without homes or shelter. With the start of the rainy season upon them, it seems like that would be an inexpensive and expedient.

  21. alwayshope Says:

    Having computer problems
    may or may not be back in a while

  22. alwayshope Says:

    What a day.
    Decided Mon. to come out of the dark ages and go high speed internet (still have an antenna on my roof for TV).
    Computer crashed Tues..
    Screwed around with it Wed., Thurs., called tech people and resisted pulling my hair out.
    Fri., decided to read the PC doctor crap and do the tests and ………..I’ll be damned if I didn’t accicentally fix the thing!
    I work a split shift on Fri.
    Got home and UPS had delivered the new modem and stuff. Hooked it up and ……wow, but had to leave for work again.
    Got to work and found out that I was getting a raise, $1 an hour!
    Real happy then.
    Now I’m home and …..whoa……I’m listening to the Daily Show on headphones as I type this.
    Sensory overload.
    I knew there was reason I have kept my life so simple.
    Hope I don’t crash from tooooo much input.

  23. alwayshope Says:

    Good Friday……I’ve been thinking about it.
    I am not Catholic. I went to mass with my Grandmother when I was small though and have always had a fascination with the Saints and a love for Mother Mary and her Son and………. something about the Catholic religion just speaks to me.
    Don’t know why, just does. Today I couldn’t eat, finally around 9, I had about half a baked potato. Is it a fasting day for me for a spiritual reason or was I just not hungry?
    I had a great Good Friday, personally, tempered by the meaning of this day. My beautiful great niece, Addi, was born on Good Friday 5 years ago and I wrote a poem about her birth at this time of rebirth. I don’t understand the things in life that make for these days when your steps are lighter and your heart is full but I welcome the magic, the gift, the joy of it all.
    What do you think about this day? Is it a Good one for you?
    Am I a hesitant Catholic? A confused Buddhist? A devotee of nature and Mother Earth? A drunken sailor?
    I just don’t know.

  24. Larkrise Says:

    Happy Easter to Everyone ! I hope you have a lovely day with friends and family.

    Dear alwayshope, I have always loved the liturgy of the Catholic Church. I have been fond of all the Priests I have known, and have no complaints against these men, who devote their lives to others. But, I am not attending Mass today. I was once very devoted, served as a Eucharistic Minister, served on many committees, and still do volunteer work, and donate to Catholic Relief Services. What has happened is that the Church has become too involved in politics. For me, religion is not just about a fancy church, rigid beliefs and practices, and money, money, money. It should be about finding inner peace, striving to help the less fortunate, comforting those who have lost loved ones, and seeing the face of Christ in all of us, even the Dick Cheneys. (That’s hard for me to do.) Still, it is not up to us to give a final judgment. I think the Catholic Church has gone off track; and so, I have had to leave. I find comfort in my family,in trying to help others, in my online activism, in donating to worthy causes, in my pets, in the forest, the flowers, the fields. Sometimes, I lose sight of God. He doesnt lose sight of me. Organized religion can be helpful. At other times, I think it does harm. When it focuses on the common good, on compassion, on forgiveness, on love and peace, then it is helping mankind to grow in a spiritual sense. Too often,however, it fails at this and becomes harshly judgmental. There is a difference between being religious and being spiritual. I think you have great spirituality. Each of us, after all, must find God in our own way. He will lead us to Him, if we let Him.
    Just the musings of a person growing older; and though slow, still on a journey. Peace, Pat C.

  25. alwayshope Says:

    Robert Parry explains the Rethuglican mindset.

    It’s disgusting and disheartening because it’s so true.

  26. alwayshope Says:

    I understand how you feel and I also take peace amd inner comfort in my pets, my friends and family and in nature.
    Now, my daffodils are everywhere and the lavendar, lilacs, roses, clematis, violets, pinks and phlox are coming on strong. I guess I am like mother nature in that I become impatient in the Spring, I want to to do so much so fast. But each time I see the tiny green heads of the lilies of the valley sprouting or the wee little buds on the redbud trees, I am joyous and can’t wait for the colorful, fragrant show to begin.

    Have a wonderful Easter everyone and a beautiful Spring!

  27. richl Says:


    Containers are being used for housing in the U.S. if they are designed by architects and built by contractors.

    Foregoing the rant, what seems to be the problem is that local government is resistant to technology that isn’t already accounted for in their building codes. Several years ago I went through the hoops of in trying to build a low cost self sufficient house and I ran up against many problems. Tankless water heaters would not be approved until tests on the units themselves were done by a certified testing company (UL or the like.) even though they had been used and approved in Europe for years. Neither (indoor) composting toilets nor wells would be approved at all. Again, composting toilets have been used in parts of Europe for years without problems but U.S. agencies hadn’t gotten around to testing and approving them. Refusal for wells was because of possible contamination of the well water and would not be approved even if standard testing was accomplished on and ongoing basis. Municipality codes prohibited living in a dwelling without electricity and (city) water.

    Times change so maybe some of these problems are less in some areas but my checking out random U.S. cities doesn’t show much change.

    By and large the problem seems to be a mor or less natural resistance to different technology by the approving agencies bolstered by negative input by building organizations till they figure out how to maximize their profit.

  28. concerned Says:

    Here’s what’s being done in Our name:


    Please read the story, and watch the video – Sadness, Madness Alert – but we all need to know the price of war.

    And here’s what MLK said about Vietnam w/i the context of an editorial on how far we’ve Not come since 1967:


    Silence is betrayal…

  29. Chuck Says:

    Thanks for the follow up richl.

  30. Larkrise Says:

    Two major areas are going to bite Obama in the butt. First, is the horror of this War in Afghanistan, at least for Progressives. The cost, however, will be the major factor, as schools, libraries, and other public works close down due to lack of funding. The second area is going to be the inadequate healthcare reform legislation. Nothing is in it to control insurance costs. Obama refused to support the public option. Now, insurance companies are doubling premiums. They would have done that anyway, but the Rethuglicans are going to jump on it and blame Obama. I blame him,too, but for different reasons. Those with increased costs will blame him and the insurance companies. With stagnant salaries and job insecurity, this is not going to be a welcome outcome. Had the public been given better options, this would not be such a negative factor. The poor are being helped. The working Middle Class is being shafted once again. This will definitely figure in the 2012 elections. It’s the economy, Stupid!

  31. Larkrise Says:

    Massacres in Iraq. Massacres in Afghanistan. What if foreign troops invaded our country. We had never attacked them. The Right-Wingers here were a problem, but the majority of us didnt support them. Still, this foreign entity came here to bomb us, attack us with drones, threaten us and make all manner of demands, just because they could. Would this win your heart and mind? Or, as you watched your mother, sister, wife, husband, father, brother die, would hate grow in your heart. If you lost 8 of the children in your family, would you support the invader? I am weary of men in Washington playing God, talking crap about “collateral damage”, and stomping around this planet killing innocent civilians. And, I am not voting for them, either.

  32. Larkrise Says:

    May all warmongers burn in the fires of Hell.

  33. alwayshope Says:

    Baggers Bummed in Boston

    The Teahadis went to Boston
    To throw their weight around
    To call Obama racist names
    To give Sarah a gold crown.

    But things went wrong in Bean Town
    The Tea Party was a bust
    They couldn’t hear the Queen of No
    Screech out her vile mistrust.

    Though she screamed drill, baby, drill
    And the baggers strained their ears
    They barely heard her lame attempts
    To reinforce their fears.

    No worries though, for a hundred grand
    She’ll speak again for fans
    She can’t forget her vulgar speech
    It’s written on her hands!

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