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Order amoxicillin online cheap, Speaking as a Democrat -- though a fairly disgruntled one of late (okay, an extremely disgruntled one of late) -- I find myself looking ahead to the inevitable GOP gains in the mid-term elections with surprising ambivalence. On the one hand, Cheapest amoxicillin in the world, I’m still enough of a partisan to want my team to win just for the sake of winning -- sort the same way that as a KC Chiefs fan I want the Chiefs to win (and, yes, my life is filled with disappointments), Maine ME Me.. Then there’s the fact that to elect a large number of the current batch of nuttier-than-a-fruitcake-on-steroids Republican candidates could do irreparable harm to the nation. Where to buy amoxicillin, Still, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that stupidity of this magnitude deserves to be punished: and as counterintuitive as it may seem, there is no surer way to see to it that the GOP is punished than by giving it a modicum of power, order amoxicillin no prescription.

Without a doubt, Acheter en ligne amoxicillin, the current GOP embrace of (or hostile takeover by) the Tea Party is the single most self-destructive action taken by a major political party in my memory -- and I was around for the McGovern campaign in 1972. Hell, Ozzy Osbourne represents a paragon of virtuous self-restraint in comparison to the GOP’s headlong dive into disaster, order amoxicillin online cheap. Attacking Social Security, Alabama AL Ala.. All but advocating armed insurrection. Indiana IN Ind., Calling for the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency. Defending BP. Order amoxicillin online cheap, That’s one hell of an agenda to take to Middle America.

And remember, Nebraska NE Nebr., it isn’t as though the public loves these dudes. Cheap amoxicillin online, Polls show the electorate as a whole doesn’t think much of the Tea Party -- and that’s before they really have the chance to get to know them and experience the full flavor of their fanaticism. Over the long haul (and even the fairly short haul), embracing these hardliners is suicide for the Republicans, kopen goedkope amoxicillin. Yet that’s exactly what the GOP is doing. And if the Republicans end up doing well this year, which, given how angry the voters are, may well happen, they’ll end up embracing the extreme of the extreme even more in the future, order amoxicillin online cheap. Amoxicillin kopen, And that could very well kill the party for a generation.

In truth, there’s one and only one hope left for the GOP, buy amoxicillin, and that’s if they get their asses kicked in 2010. Cheap generic amoxicillin, If that happens, they may do some soul searching, maybe even take a baby step or two back from the edge of the cliff, order amoxicillin online legally. But if it doesn’t happen, Kjøpe amoxicillin, and it probably won’t, God save the Grand Old Party.

For the sake of the nation, I still hope that the Democrats do better than predicted this year -- but if they don’t, viewed from a purely political standpoint, it’s far from clear who the real loser will be long term.

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12 Responses to “Order Amoxicillin Online Cheap”

  1. Larkrise Says:

    The state of the economy will be the greatest factor in the upcoming November elections. People always look to their pocketbooks first and foremost. The refusal to extend jobless benefits by the Repugs is one of the most assinine actions they have yet undertaken. The economy cannot recover with millions of people starving, unable to pay their rent, and in dire straits. The Repugs have done nothing to produce the jobs that would help these citizens. Tax cuts for the wealthy only stimulate the yacht, fashion, and mansion-building industries. Randall Tobias, former Lilly CEO, and Bush’s AIDS czar, is a good example of the self-serving, vain and ostentatious spending of the wealthy. Remember Tobias? He had to resign after being involved in the D.C. Madam scandal. He had her “Escort Service” girls come to his hotel room to give him “massages.” Then, his second wife, the ever-greedy Marianne McKinney Tobias, finally divorced him about a year ago. He has built a mansion as big as a resort hotel, overlooking Ditch Rd. near the Mel Simon estate. It can be clearly seen from the road, and has a huge terrace, pool, etc., etc. All of this, in a state with food pantries that can’t stay filled. He just married a wealthy woman,a former corporate executive, on the terrace of his almost finished pile. I am sure this mansion is one of many big, expensive “homes”. Other than a few construction jobs, I dont see Tobias making great inroads into joblessness in Indiana. I dont see him caring, either. What amazes me, is how people can vote Republican, thinking that will cure what ails this country. The Repugs had 8 very long years running the country, with virtually no opposition from spineless Democrats, and the result has been a disaster. I am no longer a fan of Obama, HIS war in Afghanistan, his terrible environmental and energy policies, and his nose-thumbing at Progressives. However, he has some achievements, certainly is better than Bush-Cheney, and however half-baked, did get a bit of healthcare reform.
    Paul Krugman says the deficit hawks will cause the recession to deepen. I believe him. If the Dems dont start making the public aware of this in a very loud and intense manner, they will lose seats, and Obama, who is weak in the face of Repug noise, will be a target of great ire and a one-term Prez.

  2. alwayshope Says:

    Malice in Dumberland

    Tea Parties abound in the land of dumbeddown
    As the four queens all vie for the crown.

    Queen Sarah’s well suited for clubbing snow seals
    But Queen Liz wields her spade like a tough
    Queen Michelle, seeing red, is truly off in her head
    And Queen Sharon, a new diamond in the rough.

    Who is worthy to rule the kingdom of dumb?
    As they all take their turn at the bat.
    Drill, baby, drill becomes spill, baby, spill
    Strike one for the half-term spoiled brat.

    Now Liz has the genes to carry out schemes
    But the bad apple lies too close to the tree
    And Michelle is too apt to wear a tinfoil hat
    Will Sharon be the Queen of Crazy?

    Ah, the Party goes on, with Malice, now growing
    And the jabberwocky flows freely from all
    One queen will win, though, and lead the party of No
    To a mad and inglorious fall.

    When the land of Dumbeddown awakes, looks around
    We’ll need coffee and tums by the pound!

  3. Larkrise Says:

    I watched Dateline tonight and wept over the loss of our courageous servicemen in Afghanistan. Politicians seem unable to learn from the past mistakes of others. Obama is rushing like a lemming to the sea in his determination to remain in Afghanistan. The Gulf disaster is his Katrina. And, he has continued far too many Bush policies in the human rights arena. Mark Karlin has written an excellent article for Buzzflash, Editors Blog: “Afghanistan, American’s Longest War, and the Perfect Arc of Failure.” Bob Herbert and Frank Rich have also written succinct comments for the NYT in their columns. I recommend all of these. You will need a stiff drink afterwards or a moment of prayer.

  4. alwayshope Says:

    I read all of those articles however, I opted for the stiff drink and the prayer beforehand…….didn’t help much.
    I spent the morning writing letters to the usual suspects. I’m tired of demanding and pleading with these guys to do something in OUR interest instead of their own. I’m sick of the paralysis they call governance.
    I read Lugar’s energy bill about the revolving loans and was revolted. An exerpt from my letter:

    In reading your energy bill, I found myself wondering: Is there some way we can harness the revolving tons of bull manure and the volumes of hot air in this thing and use it to power grids across the country?
    After all, you politicians spin faster than a windmill and spew more hot air than a steam-powered locomotive and yet we do nothing to use all that wasted energy! We should all buy ourselves a politician, strap him to a pole in the yard and hook him up to the power grid. It’s not like they’re busy doing anything else.

    To Obama:
    The very last thing the Republicans want is for you to create jobs. So, you know what? You should focus like a laser on that task. Channel Roosevelt, welcome the hatred of the bankers and the career politicians who live off the taxpayer and rail against taxes.

    Kick the can is the only game in DC and it is a disgusting display for the rest of America that wants to pick up that can and head down the road with confidence born of truth and knowledge. That is your job, sir, not to play footsie with the powers-that-be, but to step on their toes.

    Banging my head against a wall…………can I loosen a stone a tiny bit or will I simply raise a lump on my forehead?
    Perhaps another stiff drink?

  5. alwayshope Says:

    Where the heck is Chuck?
    I know you are flying by, Chuck, stop a second and at least buy us round.

  6. Chuck Says:

    In between beers I’ve been writing anther story that I had started over 3 years ago and almost finished. When my computer crashed I lost it all, so am starting all over again from my notes. If I weren’t such a slow typist, (& a lazy bastard,) I would have had it finished in a couple of days.

  7. Larkrise Says:

    Oh, alwayshope, I love, love, love those letters. Dick Lugar has stuffed so much money in offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands ( and elsewhere, I suspect) that he keeps those banking industries in the black. They roll out the red carpet for him. He and that crooked ass, Evan Bayh, have made their millions, so now they vote against extending unemployment benefits to folks who are desperate. Did you read Paul Krugman’s column about the Third Depression? I wish he were wrong; but I fear he is right. When Obama was elected, I thought there was light at the end of a very dark tunnel. It grows dimmer by the day. Afghanistan will sink him. Towns are laying off police and firefighters . Schools are in bad shape. And yet, we keep spending BILLIONS on wars that CANNOT be won. Damn them all to Hell!!!!!

  8. alwayshope Says:

    I read that Krugman piece……grim.
    Like you, I fear he’s right. The word austerity is used so often these days. I looked it up : Harshness, strictness, coldness, inflexibility, grimness, severity of life.
    That is what politicins are offering? WE are supposed to live like monks while they go right on with their lifestyle unchanged. The bankers get their bonuses and we get government cheese?
    This country didn’t ask us to ration our gas usage or in any way be a real homefront when these wars on borrowed money were started. Now that these contemptible misleaders have bungled both unfunded wars, gave huge unfunded tax cuts to billionaires, shipped our jobs off to Cheaplaborland and gambled our savings away, WE have to tighten OUR belts?

    Krugman wrote:
    “It is, instead, the victory of an orthodoxy that has little to do with rational analysis, whose main tenet is that imposing suffering on other people is how you show leadership in tough times.”

    Imposing suffering and avoiding blame have become full time jobs for what passes for leadership these days.

  9. Larkrise Says:

    We have no real leadership, because the politicians are too busy sucking up to their campaign donors. They are too busy tripling their personal wealth, like Evan Bayh, while they are in office. They are too busy wheeling and dealing and living the good life. Once they get to D.C., they lose their moral compass, if they ever had one, and turn into charlatans. There may be a few who havent taken this route, but you can count them on your hands. The rest can send young men and women into needless wars, spend billions on it, and cover their wretched hands in the spilled blood of innocents. Then, they go to bed at night; and wake up to do the same thing or worse, without a moment’s thought of the terrible suffering they cause. They lose touch with humanity, with compassion, with decency and honesty. The buck becomes their bottom line, and they can’t wait to grab more from all of us. If they all floated down the Potomac into an oil-infested sea, I would not shed one tear. For those of us who desperately and genuinely want change that is substantial and real, these are tragic times. I guess I will keep on fighting for what is good and true and just, but it gets more difficult every day. When I see pods of dolphin dying in the Gulf, I cant hold back the tears.

  10. Larkrise Says:

    The Republican Party and its far-right nutters like this Angle woman in Nevada are incredibly vicious. She blames the unemployed for their unemployment! Any person, capable of reason, who would vote for a Republican today, has to be as vicious and stupid. I am a severly disgruntled Democrat, but these Repugnant Republicans take the cake! They have become moronic madmen.

  11. alwayshope Says:

    My Republican friends and family won’t discuss politics if I’m around. If I walk into a conversation about Obama taking their guns away or giving free healthcare to illegals, they shut up or change the subject. Too many times I have shredded their talking points with facts and exposed their hypocrisy and prejudice. They love me as a friend but don’t want anyone shaking their faith in FOX, Limpbaugh and O’Lielly. They, for reasons I fail to grasp, WANT to hate Obama and Liberals and blame them for everything. To admit that their own ideology has failed is too much of a challenge, too risky to their comfortable indoctrination. It’s easy to use hateful words when you are speaking to others who share your hatred but when someone who will call you out is present, their silence is deafening. The truth is evidently more frightening than the many ungrounded fears and imagined threats they use to justify their hate and bias. I don’t care. If they want to cling to their cruel ideology and believe the right wing lies, then yes, they should avoid me.

    What is even more disturbing is the number of people who have no freaking idea what is going on. The wars are a distant thing and don’t concern them (although they support the troops with faded ribbons on their cars). Ask them who Elena Kagan is, or Mitch M. or the Man Tan. Better yet, ask any of these completely uninformed “citizens” if they’ve decided who to vote for and be prepared for the blank stare followed by “I don’t vote”. That is more maddening to me than the ones who will vote republican simply because there is a black man, named Hussein in the White House.
    I can fight prejudice and lies but I don’t know how to fight willful ignorance and selfish apathy.

  12. alwayshope Says:

    If you haven’t watched Jon Stewart and his “seven cycles” of Kevin Bacon game, go watch it now. Hilarious.
    The last time I laughed that hard at the Daily show was when Black did the “Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourettes”.

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