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Here’s another fine Reader’s Contribution Order amoxicillin no prescription, :

We're So Sorry, uncle BP
We're so sorry if we caused you any pain. North Dakota ND, We're so sorry uncle BP
But your oil's in our gulf
And here comes a hurricane.

We're so sorry that the sea turtles got in your way, acquistare a buon mercato amoxicillin. Köpa rabatterade amoxicillin, We're so sorry, uncle BP, Mississippi MS Miss., New Hampshire NH N.H., But our spatulas and shops vacs
Haven't really done a thing

We're so sorry, uncle BP
That Obama's liberal goons have made you pay
We're so sorry, North Carolina NC N.C., Buy amoxicillin online without prescription, uncle BP
That the pelicans and walruses
Are messing up your day.

Duh, order amoxicillin from canada, Generic amoxicillin, duh, duh, Tennessee TN Tenn., Comprare amoxicillin, doh duh duh duh dumb
Duh uh doh duh uh duh duh duh dumb
Duh, dumb

Oil across the water, amoxicillin cheap, Buy amoxicillin overnight delivery, plumes under the sea.
Booms across the water, stench across the sky, order amoxicillin no prescription.
Admiral Allen called the Coast Guard
The oil is slick and the tar balls are hard
We'll send the porpoises a get well card, købe amoxicillin online, Amoxicillin online kaufen, and sip coffee.
(because the harbor's filling up with a thick black tea)

Oil across the water, crude under the sea
Waves across the water, clouds across the sky.

Pay a little, be a lawyer, get around
We will never shake you down.
Pay a little, please don't frown.

We can all jump in the gulf and swim around
Safe and dry upon the ground
You will never let us drown.

Oil across the water, death under the sea
Tar across our beaches, WE are so sorry.

                               - Paula-7/6/10

                  (With Apologies to Paul McCartney)

Posted by: Alwayshope.

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